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Aces 2018-19 Audition Packet

Posted by: Jed Scott on May 31, 2018

The audition signup sheet is in the RHS Choir Room, or ask your choir director at the Freshman Center or the Middle Schools.

Click here to download the PDF of the Aces Audition Packet.

Be sure to arrive at your audition with a completed, signed audition form – and see the bottom of page 2 for all audition components.


Audition Components:

1. Prepared Excerpt (provided).

2. Sight Singing.

3. Ear Testing: Middle Note – Mr. Scott plays three notes simultaneously, you sing back the middle note.

4. Ear Testing: Tonal Memory – Mr. Scott play three notes consecutively, you sing them back in order.

5. Prepared Solo (a cappella), solo song of your choice (past or present).

6. Personal character – a perfect score for any student without a red flag from past or present choir teachers.

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